Well-Begun Is Half Done

Well-Begun Is Half Done - Start Your New Year With Intention

A Practice Learned from Marci Schimoff

As you step into the new year don’t lose sight of your goals because it is the perfect time to give them a boost. It’s time to get clear on what's working in your life, and to be intentional about what you want to create in the coming year.

One of my mentors used to say: Well-begun is half done.

It’s so true because if we don’t intentionally build on what we’ve done we are likely to struggle more than we need to in the new year. So invite you to try this powerful practice and ritual.

You can do this ritual by yourself or with your partner, Colleagues, a mastermind group, close friends or family. I find that doing it with others gives it more juice--this year I did this ritual with my Inner Circle Success Club MastermMind group.

Here's the ritual:

1. In the beginning of the new year….( anytime in the first few weeks of the year), gather around a fire in a fireplace or around a big candle and speak out loud all of the things from the year that you want to let go of. This can include habits, behaviors, beliefs, fears, conflicts with others, and specific incidents or challenges. Imagine you are offering those into the fire to be burned.

2. Then speak out loud everything you are grateful for from the past year-- the joys, celebrations, and accomplishments (make sure to also include the lessons and "growth" experiences). Offer those into the fire to be amplified.

3. Finally, speak out loud everything that you welcome into the new year -- the intentions, vision, habits, beliefs, behaviors that you'd like to embrace. Offer those into the fire to ignite the new.

(Note: You may also like to write these three lists on separate pieces of paper and burn them in the fire.)

With a powerful start to the new year, you'll be on your way to a magical, miraculous new year. Happy 2016 - may it be a year of deep, lasting happiness!

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