5 Steps To Easy Manifesting In 2016

Happy New Year – we are on our way to another incredible year….so tell me what are your top goals this year? What would you like to manifest in 2016?

Whether it’s, greater income, a bigger house, a brand new car, or better health, there’s 1 thing that I’d like to remind you of:

And that is… that YOU have the power to create anything you desire!

Sometimes we can forget that we already have the most powerful and accurate technology in the world… our minds! And with it, we can consciously create the life that we desire.

If you need some inspiration to kick-start the first day of your most amazing year yet, then I’d like to share with you my 5-step process for easy manifestation in 2016:

Step 1. Be clear on what you want.

This sounds very simple, yet this is where most people fail. If you’re not sure of what you want, you’ll get a lot of what you don’t want. If you’re struggling with this, make a list of the things that make you happy and that you want to attract into your life, and remember: “Be happy” or “Have more money”, are not specific or clear goals. Instead try this: “I happily make $10,000 every week”, or “I easily lose 1 lb per day.” Clarity and specificity are key!

Step 2. Practice self-love.

If you truly want to use the power of your energy to manifest your dreams, you must first release, disempowering beliefs, and toxic thinking that blocks you from believing in your own greatness. The truth is everything starts with self- love, You can only receive as much love as you are willing to give yourself. Practicing self-love every day is a great way to recognize your self-worth. How? Look for the good in you daily, affirm all your worth and true essence of who you are. Treat yourself as you would a very precious friend or something you treasure. Buy yourself flowers, eat your favorite meal or simply getting enough rest, are all great ways to show yourself some love.

Step 3. Visualize with detail and love.

This is one of the main steps to successful creating your goals and dreams. When you visualize, you’re watching your deepest desires being fulfilled in your mind’s eye, and love is the most powerful emotional vibration there is. And when you fall in love with the movie you’re playing in your mind, you create the perfect conditions for your thoughts to manifest into reality.

Step 4. Have a gratitude practice

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.”

This same principle applies in the Law of Attraction. That’s why believing that it will happen and expressing gratitude as if it has already happened is a key step. Remember to find gratitude for the very small and big things in your life. Because what you appreciate, appreciates.

Step 5. Take Action

One of the steps that often gets overlooked is to take action on your dreams. It is important to relax and let the Universe take care of the HOW, but it’s also extremely important that you align yourself with your intention and that you purposefully seek the opportunities, people or time to manifest your dreams. Put your goals in writing, network, do research, get support around you and allow yourself to do it imperfectly, do whatever it is but just do it!

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