A Ship Without a Rudder

Humans are the most intelligent, creative and independent creatures in the world. We literally have the ability to create anything we want - anything we can imagine.

At the same time, we can find ourselves paralyzed by fear, worry and doubt. Stuck in habitual patterns that are familiar but no longer serve us. We maintain instead of grow, moving without direction or purpose. You see, a person without direction and purpose is like a ship without a rudder. Here's what Earl Nightingale had to say about this: "It's estimated that about 95% (of people) can be compared to ships without rudders. Subject to every shift of wind and tide, they're helplessly adrift. And while they fondly hope that they'll one day drift into a rich and successful port, you and I know that for every narrow harbor entrance, there are a 1,000 miles of rocky coastline. The chances against their drifting into port are 1,000 to one. But the 3% who have taken the time and exercised the discipline to decide on a destination and to chart a course sail straight and far across the deep oceans of life, reaching one port after another and accomplishing more in just a few years than the rest accomplish in a lifetime."

I am like most people, I wandered without purpose, heck, I didn’t even think about purpose. Until one day when I was 26 years old I met a man who saw something in me that I didn’t. A man that would become my first real mentor. He showed me how to achieve a life I had only dreamed of. This mentor helped me to discover how I could create financial and time freedom for myself.

I believe everyone needs a mentor. Someone to show you how to overcome personal challenges, avoid mistakes and move forward in life.

Having mentors has changed my life. And I know it will yours.

Do you want to discover your purpose? Do you want to learn the skills that will take you to the next level?

Give direction to your business and utilize a mentor to realize your full potential and help you create the mindset to reach it.

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