Start With Intention, Not Reaction

Start each day with intention – not reaction: - What do I mean by this…

The science of productivity and research shows that the worst thing we can do each morning is to start by looking at our inbox(es)….. Our email, or texts, LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest…. Other…

No doubt they are important and necessary - but not first thing. We have become addicted believing if we get right on it…. We are perceived well and we are moving forward and achieving.

This is not true, if you wake up in the morning and check into the world by looking at everyone else’s agenda before intentionally setting your own – you are likely to lose hours of your most productive time reacting and responding to everyone else’s agenda, needs and wants.

If you are like most people - You have a belief of what you should do first and it’s become a habit.

If you are not setting your own intentions first – not planning your day and prioritizing - you are most likely in a state or reaction and not action by intention…. Setting your intention for your day is the most powerful way to accelerate your business and how to promote success in all you do.

The accelerator is not to jump right in….to your inboxes….. when you take just 20 minutes each day to set your intention, focus on your priorities of what you will accomplish - Your business and life will shift….

When we check our inboxes….. you know what that is for you…

  • You have automatically moved into reaction and often you forget who you are

  • You forget what is most important to you,

  • You forget what the most important needle movers are for today’s business - how to most effectively move your time…..effectiveness and life forward.

  • You forget what you most wanted to achieve this day….

  • Accelerating your success is about having a plan, working the plan and prioritizing your plan!

Give yourself the most important gift each day – 20 minutes before focusing on the world – 20 minute of planning your intentions for the day – make this habit and find success in all you do.

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