Time Management

Distractions are the new illness of our generation of entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. There is too much noise, too much information overload.

Research shows that in 2013, work distractions including Information overload, which includes the recovery time from unnecessary interruptions, cost the U.S. economy over $997 billion per year.

Research also shows that chronic intrusions shrink attention spans, drive stress by burning up mental and emotional resources, contributes overwhelm and triggers mistakes.

An interruption averaging 2.8 seconds--say, one of those blinking notifications in the corner of your computer screen--can double the risk of error.

Increase the duration of the interruption to 4.4 seconds, and you triple the chance of a mistake.

Distractions and Interruptions play havoc with working memory, and they undermine intellect. A study that measured the effects of forced interruptions on resident surgeons performing a simulated laparoscopic gallbladder removal found that surgical mistakes occurred 44 percent of the time with the distractions, and only about 6 percent without. Interruptive questions triggered the most errors, followed by sidebar conversations, with those in the operating room.

Don’t let distractions become an illness in your business. Stay focused and achieve all that you are capable of.

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