Clone The Best, Dump The Rest

The Good

For a moment, picture your best client and only your best client. You know who I am talking about – that client of yours who pays you extremely well and you love working with.

Now picture having ten exact clones of them. Now picture one hundred. One thousand. What would your business look like?

I suspect with just ten clones of your top client, your business would improve dramatically. With a hundred you might lead your industry. And I could only imagine what it would be like to have one thousand top client clones – good times for sure!

The Bad & The Ugly

Now imagine your worst client. The one who demands everything, is never satisfied, and pays you squat. The one who makes you cringe when you pick up the phone.

Imagine ten of those worst clients (you can use the word “slugs” if you prefer). How about one hundred or a thousand of them. Cloning them will decimate your business.

The Strategy

A highly successful business does two things:

1. Clone The Best – A highly successful company puts all its marketing, networking, promotional and sales efforts into targeting their ideal, top clients.

2. Dump The Rest – A highly successful business has the discipline to dump (refer out to other vendors or simply disengage) the worst, and a strategy to avoid working with them in the first place.

Clone the best, and dump the rest.

Yep, you should print that one out and pin it above your desk.

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