The Power of Our Lens

How we see our life and business is through the lens that we are looking at them with … our life and business is a reflection of the meaning we give to what we are seeing in them first and that in turn creates how we feel about it and our reality….

Right now there is what is in your bank account or not, your health or not, what is in your relationships or not, what is on your calendar or not… These are all facts and condition in your life that are a reflective reality of what has being going on in the thoughts, meaning, your emotions first on the inside of us for a period of time….

Just like the acorn that blossoms into an oak tree or a caterpillar into a butterfly…

We look at the conditions of our life and call them good, or bad, big, little, profitable or not profitable, hard or easy.

What label it we give it a meaning and then have an emotion and then we act based on that emotion…, we could choose not to have an opinion about it or we do have an opinion (if we do give it a meaning) we will hold it lightly. When we find our mind swirling on what appears to be a big problem, or something negative, we close ourselves off to the experience that we truly desire we close our self-off to opportunities that could come to us if we put on a different lens or stayed neutral.

We can take a breath today and say ok, this may be a condition in my life but I will not call it good or bad, happy or sad, profitable or not… just is and I can look at it with a power of a lens to which I can open my awareness to new opportunities and awareness….

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