5 Steps To Greater Engagement and Success

5 Steps To Greater Engagement and Success

1. Do what you love, especially important is getting in touch with that part of your business that you enjoy, that lights you up and comes easy to you. Then ask why is this important and why do I enjoy it?

2. Value your gifts, too many under value themselves and the services they offer. Too many sell themselves short, they give it away. When we don’t value ourselves it is hard for others to value us and our gifts.

3. Prove that you value your gifts by charging what you are really worth, most people aren’t doing this.

4. Master engagement conversations, this means make being able to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime the order of the day. This is being able to talk easily and being able to inspire others about your services and products and this is when everything changes, this is where success builds authentically and accelerates. #4 occurs when you are grounded in #1, 2 & 3.

5. Rinse and Repeat - Repeat often!

Here Are Key Strategies:

  • Establish Rapport - People must like and trust you in order to do business with you much less help you.

The way you do this is to connect with what you care deeply about, if you don’t care about it why should anyone else care.

  • Build Value - This is what people buy (not features, not the mechanics of what you do) People buy benefits. You want to communicate your benefits clearly.

  • Overcome Objections - The first place to start is by mastering the first two points above; establishing greater rapport and building more value. Next you want to be able to make a compelling invitation for people to join you in a heartfelt way. This connects back to your WHY, GIFTS, MISSION, VISION & GOALS.

Here is a tip:

  • Come into your heart, be open to who you are, and why you are in the business you are in.

  • What is it you truly have to offer, as well as communicating what is needed and make what you have into a mindset of how it can help others accomplish what they may need or not have been aware of.

  • Secure an Agreement or Commitment - It may be to make a phone call, write an email, make an introduction, make an initial meeting, enter a trial, buy or sign a contract with you, or whatever you may offer. Communicate clearly, what you are asking for or offering, keep it simple, make a request or invitation.

Engagement is your story from who you are authentically from your core, it is not about selling.

The less you try to sell, the more people will want what you have. Keep it simple, keep it clear and ask for a request! Master the art of engagement having conversations anytime, anywhere, with anyone and you will experience greater success and prosperity.

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