Begin with the End in Mind

Begin with the End in Mind

We’ve all heard the phrase begin with the end in mind.

In fact we do it all the time, we don’t get in our car without having the end in mind, to a meet a client, go to the supermarket, an appointment, sporting event….

Where ever you decide that you are going... you make a decision before you get in the have the end in mind.

You want to do this for next year, and for your life….….

You want to do this every day….Begin with the end in mind.

We can create an ideal day, an ideal week, an ideal month, and year….

Reflect on this past year, you probably wrote out goals, and upon reflection you may say that you had a great year but still there were some things that you want to up level to sharpen up and so as you set your goals and the end in mind for 2016

You may want to have greater efficiency and flow in your business, greater profits, more time with family, and kids, travel…..

Stephen Covey speaks about a particular vision of beginning with the end in mind and he says – Remember Pro- Activity means you are the programmer, you get to decide what matters to you, what you are going to put your attention and your actions on.

  1. Understand that you are the programmer whether you know it or not, whether you choose to be aware of it or not. You program either by design or by default

  2. So decide to Write the program, write what you would love to create

  3. Work the program, every single day sharpen it up, and tune in and turn up the volume to what you want, pay attention

Because if I am heading to NY from Colorado I am going to have to make some stops along the way. And every day I am going to check my GPS and all the while even while I am enjoying the scenery and every day I know where I am headed is one place….

And where you are headed is one place, it is with the end in mind.

So here is a tool to help you assess where you are now, and at the end of this year what would be your 10 – The Wheel of life!

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