Albert Einstein’s Success Formula

Inspirations to Live Unstoppable

Inspirations for Successful Living…

Inspirations to Unstoppable Success…..

Albert Einstein’s Success Formula….

Its privilege to bring you these inspirations….….

Today is about the A.E. formula for Success …. Because creating unstoppable success is not hocus pocus it is where you put your focus… let me say that again…..Living unstoppable is not hocus pocus, it is where you put your focus.

The truth is sometimes it looks like things happen by magic … but it is by our focus, by what and how we focus that creates our outcomes….

Albert Einstein stated… when I examine myself and my methods of thought I came to the conclusion the gift of fantasy, imagination has meant more to me than my talents, my absorbing information and knowledge. When I examine myself and my methods of thought, how I think, I come to the conclusion that the gift of imagination and fantasy has meant more to me then the absorbing information and knowledge….

So let’s all take time for imagining, let’s put on the hat of fantasy of possibility….ask yourself what would you love, what outcome are you seeking…. What feeling and emotion do you wish to experience from that outcome… because we are all chasing the feeling that the goal will bring us…

Like Albert Einstein we can self- Coach ourselves into greatness, living great moments, great days by starting first by imagining the emotions we want to feel and feeling them in our mind. Imagine it, fantasize about it. Picture it for just a few minutes each day…

You know Coach Bear Bryant, the Alabama Football College Coach - knew this and it became the pillar of his success….because when he showed his team replay footage of their games he only focused on the plays they starred in….It is not hocus pocus it is where you put your focus.

Let me say this again… he showed them only the plays they starred in…He did not show them replays of mistakes, he did not carry on about what they did wrong.…or beat them u…..and at that time the Alabama Crimson Tide kept winning like no other team in college football team ever had. Coach Bryant knew that we get more of whatever we put our focus on.

We want to improve and need to learn from mistakes but not harbor on them, so look at a mistake to identify how you would like to improve and one step you can take to improve it. Then put your full attention to your one step and your goals, what you want to feel and the step you will take. It is not hocus pocus it is where you put your focus.

You don’t have to know all the steps how to create your goals and your wins, but you do have to know what you want to create, what that success is…. Bear Bryant’s goal was for his team to win and to be the most successful team in college history…., so he focused on showing them the most successful plays.

You and I can pattern ourselves after that kind of unstoppable self-coaching…. It is not hocus pocus it is where you put your focus…. Where will you put your focus today?

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