Life, Business and Success are Like the Changing Seasons

Life, Business and Success are Like the Changing Seasons

(from the philosophy of Jim Rohn)

  • Winter Follows Fall

  • Spring Follows Winter

  • Summer Follows Spring

  • Fall Follows Summer

The Seasons are Set, we cannot change the seasons or change when they come,

The Seasons will come, we can only change what we do each season, we can only change ourselves.


The days are short the nights are cold – Time to reflect and dig deep

Winter always comes, learn how to handle the winter, your problems and challenges.

You will always have challenges and problems. But it is how you handle those challenges that will make the difference and determine your future.

The decisions that you make during your most difficult times of your life are key to your opportunities and outcomes

All of us can become wiser then we were yesterday,

wiser than last week,

wiser last month and

wiser than last year.


Spring is new life and the time to plant

Learn to take advantage of spring. Spring is called opportunity, spring doesn’t last forever and either do opportunities. Spring always comes

There are just a handful of springs that are given to each of us.

Take advantage of everyone. At the longest Life is brief

Take advantage of every meeting

Take advantage of every opportunity to talk to someone

Take advantage of every fear that you have, every uncomfortable position you are in

Take advantage of creating your dreams and seeking opportunities

Take advantage of everyday that the sun comes up. We do not know how long we have.

Value life and precious moments

Take note, lean forward for the window of opportunities will open and then it will close


The Third Season is the season of summer – The time to nourish

To give life to your values

Give someone your attention not just your time

During the summer nourish and water, give life to your values

Give life to the garden that you have planted, give it nourishment.


Nourish yourself, invest in yourself,

Nourish your relationships, your family, your job

Breathe life into what you do and who you are.


The last Season the Season of Harvest – Reap your rewards

The harvest does not come to those who did not plant.

The harvest does not come to those who hope

The harvest does not come to those who wish or who have their fingers cross

The harvest comes only to those who have planted.

Who did the job,

Who gave more than expected

Who had a vision,

Who planned,

Who took action and course corrected when things weren’t going well.

Who stepped out of the box and met their fears

Who were willing to grow, correct and change

Who were willing to say I do not know

If you take the risk and talk, conduct a meeting, take a risk

Who were willing to take

Who contributed

Your Lessons of the Season

Winter – hang in their when the days are short and the nights are cold, the winters are tough.

You will have setbacks and challenges, meet them head on, admit your shortcomings and face your fears.

Spring – Take advantage of the spring, Take advantage of opportunities

Take advantage to help someone, to give, to plant to learn to grow.

Give more than is expected in all you do

Summer – Nourish look after your health, your loved ones, family, relationships, your job your finances and nuture them. Look over everything you do as a leader should


Follow your vision and mission or that of your company. Believe in your self- first, then believe in what you do, reap your harvest give gratitude daily for all you have..

Take responsibility for everything in your life. See the good it is always there.

Learn the lessons of the season, the lessons of the proven

You cannot change the season or people but here is what you can do. You can change yourself if you want to change your life. The power lies within you.

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