Creating Unstoppable Goals

Creating Unstoppable Goals…..

Today I am grateful to share a powerful truth and 3 keys steps to help YOU create what I call unstoppable goals

Let’s look at a powerful truth:

“You don’t manifest what you want, you manifest what you believe! (repeat)

“You don’t manifest what you want, you manifest what you believe!

So often we start with great intentions with great goals and a vision for the New Year, for our life and then we lose drive, we lose the belief in ourselves, we lose the belief that we can and will achieve our goals. Because far too often we would still love to achieve that goal a year or two later and we are not significantly closer to living the life we would love.

You know some people live 99 years, and others live 1 year 99 times –

Most of them with worthy intentions, they worked hard, good, good people but what stopped them…..

Key Step #1: Beliefs

Now ask yourself right now do you believe that you can and will achieve your 1– or 3 year goals.

Where are you, on this scale - to the left --- No (I really don’t believe it) in the middle is maybe / possibly and all the way to the right is a yes (definitely I do believe I can and will)

No __________________________________________ maybe _______________________________________ yes

Take a moment to place yourself on this scale…… take an honest assessment - there is no right or wrong it just is where your belief is right now;

Now everyone, if you would walk with me from wherever you are on this scale, walk with me imaginally all the way over the right to the yes – place yourself in the yes….. to the “I believe it is possible wear that hat- say yes I can and will achieve my goals.

Now If I believe it is possible / and if some of you are on the fence (allow me to hold that vision for you – because I believe in you…now)– ask this question – “What Would I love”…

Make a declaration for what you want deep in your soul - Ask yourself “What would I love”…..

When you ask “what would I love” you open up to deeper possibilities within you – to a deeper calling in you (than what do I want)..Ask “What would I love” in the following domains of your life – heath, relationships, Business, and your time, money freedom. Now Create a vision! Write it out, be very clear and detailed about it…..

We all have total control over our life. We all have total control over what we focus on, what things mean to us and what actions we take. So right now…..

Believe that you can achieve your goals, Believe that you are not limited based on your past, your problems, your challenges.. Too often people believe that it is their upbringing, an event, a trauma, abuse, neglect, what someone did or didn’t do, what was said or not said, education or lack of education, that past events shape our lives –

And there can be nothing further than the truth. Our life is not based on events and circumstances from our past, our life is based on the meaning we gave each of those events, it is our belief our emotions, and actions about those events that shaped our life. Once we give something a meaning, we tend to believe it and think in a “certain way” it becomes our truth, and then that truth keeps repeating itself over and over again. ..…. so what do we do –

Key Step #2 – Shed our Limiting Beliefs:

The past does not exist, do not give it power any longer, do not allow it to control your future….It does not exist– no doubt we have all used the past to determine our future, it is time to stop.

The most important time in your life is right now, you don’t have the past or the future. You want to plan for the future and declare it, vision it dream, and write it. Decide what would I love – set your goals….. set them without the facts of what is in your current bank account, your education, age, health, of your past, what you think you can do…… those are facts certainly but the truth is you are far greater, more powerful than anything that has ever occurred. You have pure ability to shape your life.

So what do we do with our beliefs…….. ( yes -I know they have been with you for a long time)

We look at our limiting beliefs………and you may be saying I am still not sure what a limiting beliefs is….….

It is your internal voice, your internal language about yourself…about your beliefs, based on the meaning you give things……..Limiting beliefs are like running with a big ball and chain around your leg….It’s like driving with the brakes on…

It’s your internal limiting language, your pattern or story……examples….

  • Life is hard,

  • Breaking six figures is so challenging,

  • Maintaining this income is hard

  • I will never get in shape

  • It will never happen in this economy

  • I don’t have the experience in that

  • I am not good at ………….

  • I am not deserving

  • I am just a nervous person – it runs in my family…..

  • Selling is hard, social media is too difficult

  • I am not smart enough, tall enough, pretty enough, confident enough, I don’t have a good memory.

  • I am too old, too young, I don’t have the education….

These are all limiting beliefs….

How do you break limiting beliefs…..

  1. First you must recognize - your limiting beliefs – “Notice them – This is a powerful tool to use daily notice what you are noticing”…..

  2. Second you interrupt your pattern your internal voice - (this is pattern interrupt)

  3. Third you - write a new more empowering statement – you re-pattern – you write your new statement, repeating, believing and feeling it with emotion. What you focus on it with emotion and feeling you can change

  4. When you re-pattern your limiting beliefs, you will begin to bring great shifts in your life.

Step 3 –Elevate Your State

“Like energy, attacks, like energy - it cannot be any other way”.

If you have a pattern and consistently focus on shame, guilt, fear, overwhelm, anxiety, stress, worry, - you can only attract more of that – Like energy attracts like energy –

When we are in a state of joy, gratitude, love, faith, expectancy - a greater knowingness and openness occurs within us.

  • We attract more of that which we focus on and opportunities open up, doors and connections open, you look at solutions rather than focusing on the problems.

  • Having an attitude of gratitude will immediately connect you to your higher self.

  • Gratitude is phenomenal way to bring more into your life.

  • Also In states of Love, peace, joy, gratitude we become open to the solutions within us.

  • Be responsible for the energy that you bring into the room - set your intention

  • Unleash the past, Forgive, the word forgive means – For- Giving -

  • Forgive because when you don’t forgive you are only holding yourself back from receiving. You are only hurting yourself. Remember - Hurt People – Hurt People!


  1. Beliefs - Believe it is possible ask “What would I love” – - Get clear and detailed in all areas of your life.

  2. Notice the meaning your give everything in your life

  3. Focus on your goals and solutions not the problems and challenges -

  4. Shed Your Limiting Beliefs

  5. Recognize them, Interrupt, your limiting Beliefs –

  6. Re-pattern your old beliefs write an empowering new belief

  7. Elevate Your State and what you attract and focus on

  8. Focus on positive state, have an attitude of gratitude, forgive – and understand that “Like Energy Attacks Like Energy – be responsible for the energy you bring into a room…..

“You don’t manifest what you want, you manifest what you believe!

If you consistently take these three key steps you can create unstoppable goals. Thank you.

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