In the Test of Time

In the test of time ... attitude will win over skill each and every time. Attitude is vitally important to lasting and significant success. Often we have the wrong idea about what exactly attitude is and how it contributes to our results and ultimate success. Attitude is not a smile or frown. Attitude is the combination of your thoughts and feelings expressed through your being-ness. Your attitude is constantly setting up the cause and effect system that reveals itself in our results. Pay special attention to your thoughts, feelings and actions this week - this is your attitude, and your attitude is who you are.

You can think of attitude as the environment you carry around with you. It's important that we realize while we may have a spectacular attitude in one area of our life like health, we could have a poor attitude in another area like finances or relationships. Throughout history all of the famous experts, authors, and theologians have agreed on one thing - we become what we think about. Whatever is taking up valuable stock in our mind is transparent to the outside world through our results. This month become very aware of your attitude overall, as well as in each area of your life and notice how small improvements make big differences in your results.

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