How Do You Measure Life

Today I am going to share with you a story about a fisherman who goes to a great fishing stream he's heard about and he's been wanting to go there for a long time. Finally he gets there and he throws his line in the water and he waits. He looks down the bank and there's an old fisherman down the bank and he's just pulling in one fish after another. Every fish the fisherman pulls out of the stream, he unhooks it and he measures the fish by a broken off ruler that laying on the edge of the bank. If the fish is bigger than the broken off ruler the fisherman tosses the fish back in the stream. If however the fish is smaller than the broken off ruler the fisherman tosses that fish in his bucket. The young fisherman is watching this and he thinks why is he throwing all the big fish back and keeping the little ones? He continues to fish but soon his curiosity gets the better of him. So he goes down and interrupts the old guy. He says excuse me sir, but 'Could you tell me why you throw the big fish back and keep the little ones? Do they get bony if they get big or something?' The old guy says 'Sonny look at this. See that broken off ruler there on the edge of the bank?' The young man says 'Yeah, I see it.' and the old guy goes 'I just measure every fish that I catch by that broken off ruler because that broken off ruler is broken off at exactly the size of the frying pan I use.'

Now, we'd laugh at a fisherman that would be like that but you know, unconsciously we all do that. The stream of life tosses us a big fish. It's an idea. It's a possibility. It's a possible future and we measure that idea by the frying pan of the life that we have and we say I don't have the education. I don't have the money. I am too old; too young I don't have the contacts. My frying pan doesn't hold that dream. And unconsciously we throw that fish, that idea, that dream back into the stream of life and say give me a fish that fits my frying pan. Give me an idea that is just a little bit of a rearrangement of the life I have known that I think is possible based on the circumstances I have.

So when you measure your life, the life you want, the dreams you want to create also consider this gift. Imagine in your hands right now is 525,000 and some change and you get to spend it any way you want to. Imagine that. Feel that for just a moment. Let yourself feel the power. If you really believed that you had 525,000 in change you could spend any way you wanted to...for most of us that's a lot of substance.

The truth is that every one of us, the people you think are the most successful, the wealthiest, they had exactly the same amount of commodity that you have which is 525,600 minutes. That's the same number. If you live twelve more months you are going to have 525,600 minutes that you will invest. If you are not careful, many of us have been trained to invest a great commodity of those minutes in rehearsing our past, maybe cursing a circumstance, nursing a problem, fueling a resentment and the way the mind works--just as you cannot tell the mind not to think about the Statue of Liberty anything you hold in your mind reproduces after its kind in your circumstances.

How is it that these capacities that are given to every one of us some of us use those same capacities in service of great dreams? Others of us use the same capacities to create great problems; to create great difficulty; to live in lack and limitation when the same power is available to all of us. If we all breathe for one year the same amount of time is given to each one of us. So, one fisherman measures the fish by the size of the frying pan. Another fisherman says I am getting a bigger frying pan. How do you measure your life how will you use your gift of 525,000 and some change. Measure your life not by the conditions of your frying pan, but by the vast dreams you can create. God Bless.

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