5 Key Steps to Creating Greater Abundance

I am going to give 5 simple and effective steps that you can literally start using today to create greater abundance in your life, and I will share with you how to allow and make welcome a free flow of this thing call money. Not because we want stacks of money around, stacks of money are not comforting but what we want is to have the freedom to be able to

go where we want to go,

do what we want to do

and have what we want to have.

And more important is to give what we want to give, in other words we want freedom.

Most often our longing for greater financial security, for greater abundance in the area of money is really a longing for greater freedom.

Let’s first look at what money really is………all money really is; is the symbol of freedom because those who have more; have more freedom………and money is only good for two things

  1. Money is good to help you be comfortable enough

  2. So you can be creative enough to really bring your gifts to the world.

We want to look at what your relationship with money currently is……

The most important thing about money is your mindset. What is your relationship with money?

If you have a relationship about money that when you think of spending, you tighten up, when you take money out of your wallet, or use your ATM or a credit card or a check for a purpose that matters to you for lunch, or a bill what are you telling yourself, what is your energy around money…..

You want to notice what you are thinking and feeling with this thing called money and this first part is to just notice it for a few days, notice what you are thinking when money comes up, when you are looking at a stack of bills on your desk….etc. notice it / pay attention to it.

When you open your wallet, is your money organized, how is it stacked. Is it among a lot of receipts, is the money squished… because that would be disrespectful with this symbol for your freedom.

Ask yourself how you can arrange your money, so the bills all face the same direction...

How do you think about money when you touch it or think of it imaginatively.

So when I say I want to be one thing but what I am thinking and acting as is another, there is no pull….there is no attraction - Think of a magnet, it acts the same way. It either attacks or repels. Creating abundance is the same.

It is like me saying I want more freedom in my life, and when this thing called money is introduced I don’t take care of it

If I feel constricted; if I tense up around bill paying time.

Or if seeing and being around very wealthy people, I have judgment. Criticism, jealously, comparison, moving through me…. This all speaks to your relationship about money

Step # 1 Design your relationship with money

You have a relationship with money whether you realize it or not, so …..Design a great one….you want to love money, care for it, respect it. Treat it well, know your bank account. If you take care of it, it will take care of you. Watch how you spend, it.

When you see a penny, on the ground do you pick it up ….it’s a small thing but - pick up that penny, never pass it by - admire it and it’s symbol - take care of your change, place it in a special bowl, bless it. Look at the inscription the words on a penny, “In God We Trust” – this means you trust the source of where it comes from…. Call it God, Universe, Source….

Some people play a game they keep $100 bill in their wallet because they plant in their subconscious mind that feeling of wow, I am ok I have $100

Guess what you don’t get a choice of not putting a pattern on your relationship with money, you only get to choose which pattern you will have, so choose a strong mental pattern and choose to have a great relationship with money… and a great feeling in yourself about money.

#2 Gratitude is a great multiplier it gives you a magic X over your entire life.

Think about when you were little, you learned that if you had 25 blocks or beans, or 25 of one item you had 25.

Then you learned that you could put five groups of 5 together and could add to 25 and then as you got older you learned the magic X that only 2 numbers were needed 5 X 5 = 25 ---Gratitude is the magic X.

Gratitude will help you unleash and unlock your power to create greater abundance, prosperity, joy, and a life you love living – gratitude is key…..a vibration of greater flow…

Gratitude is a great multiplier; don’t wait for your bank account to have money or the right circumstance to change before you love living the life you want. Because you will always be waiting, you are going to want one thing but attract another.

When we talk about gratitude being that great multiplier when you are thinking from and acting with gratitude this is not a casual gratitude because that will not move any molecules, we are talking about the physics of transformation and moving molecules into a different frequency

# 3 and # 4 go together...(3) Thinking in a Certain Way and (4) Acting In A Certain Way,

You don’t get to not think and you don’t get to not act, by acting and doing you will have emotions and your emotions reflect the meanings that you give to your thoughts…..

Emotions, feeling and thinking are the literal actions you take with your body. Because you have a mind body system that generates connections….. you cannot not emote, and your emotions send signals to the electrons to move into a pattern that reflects them as the pattern that you are emitting

So when you think about oh I would like to do X but ohhhh I don’t have the money where would the money come from. I will probably never have the money, the time, so don’t doubt that you are thinking in a certain way because all you have to do is look at your current life to see the results that were producing those thoughts and actions. Your life will pattern itself back to you the results of your thinking and actions.

So successful people think in a certain way, they think in a certain way about the invisible patterns that govern the living of all things.

You begin to think in a certain way and act in a certain way… you take the steps that you can take right where you are with what you have….This is the physics of transformation, and the physics of manifestation….. to tune into a frequency that I want in my life …. Things happen for a reason and to cut the time to have things happen in your life you must follow a pattern to bring it forth.

#5 – Be a person on increase:

Being a person of increase means that we practice shining right where we are. Being a person of increase means that every transaction is of increase because the first thing you will receive is not money.

The first currency is ideas. If you don’t do what you can do, with what you have, with where you are at, if you are always waiting for the money or the condition or the circumstance to be there and then you can take an action or step you will always live in a long slow struggle pattern.

So shine right where you are. You want to give and give abundantly you want to tieth……

Giving is one of the secrets of abundance of financial security . If you are locked up and stuck this world is a poor place, the Economy, politics, government, media…… If you are locked up and stuck in your thinking about life let’s get you unlocked not just in abundance but in all areas of your life. Money is a part of it is a symbol of freedom but what you really want is to olive a life that you really love.

Yes you may want something - you may want to start a business or open a restaurant or travel, have a different job, start something. ...

What you want to do is bring your very best to the table every day. Bring your very best, when you go to work

When you go to the store, when you are at a restaurant. When we bring our best our energy is different..

When you pour more energy into your life, life must give you a bigger container – to put it in…

give more value. This is not only a transaction for you and another person or persons…….

but a transaction you are making with the Universe about who you are. See the universe has perfect feeling and will bring you a larger result. If you do the best job you can, even at a job you don’t love, you will be rewarded…

When you are a person of increase….Increase will follow you. Because the transaction is not just with you it is never with you it is a transaction with you and the infinite, you are dealing with an infinite intelligence that is intelligent itself that is a perfect system. It is exquisitely perfect.

  1. Define your relationship with money

  2. Attitude of gratitude for everything…… even problems…Gratitude is the magic X in all areas of your life

  3. Think in a Certain Way

  4. Act in a Certain Way. .

  5. Be a person of increase bring your best forward …..

I invite you to implement these 5 Key Steps to Creating Greater Abundance Freedom and to Living a Life You Love.

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