Lead Your Fear, Don’t Let It Lead You!

Lead and Take Charge!

When fear climbs on your shoulders and starts whispering in your ear, here’s what you do: remember what fear really is; fear is simply energy moving in the wrong direction. It’s your energy letting you know that you are at the edge of your comfort zone. “Welcome to being human,” everyone on the planet earth experiences fear. The trick is to recognize fear for what it is and to stand as the gatekeeper of your mind. You tell that fear, that voice of doubt where you’re going, risks and all, and you convert that fear into a champion to help you get there.

Fear is like mud, it is the negativity that you came to push through on this planet Earth so you can find your higher purpose. It is here to help you develop your strength and power. Welcome your fear, it means that you are stepping up and out…..feel the fear and …do it anyway. Lead Your Fear and don’t let it lead you!

To quote Sue Fredrick, “The thing you’re most afraid of doing is usually the thing you most need to do in order to live up to your path.” I truly believe this, so think of fear as your power. Think of fear as motivation rather than a stopping block. Does it mean that you will have some setbacks, challenges or so called failures – “Yes” – and the Good News is that you get to decide the meaning you give to each one of those events…..decide to learn and see the lessons and opportunities in each of them. Use each event as a stepping stone toward what you really want. Use them to course correct in the direction and in service to your higher goals and purpose. Lead Your Fears….. Don’t Let Them Lead You! You will be amazed at the opportunities and the power of what you can and will achieve.

Here is to You For Taking Charge, Leading Your Fear and Your Life!

You say, lovingly but firmly (because, ultimately, your fear just wants some reassurance that it will all turn out ok for your greater good) and it does mean that there may be some perceived failure, stumbling blocks…..but it will still be okay….because that’s who we are. We’re the kind of people that are okay, no matter what. So remember that invincibility and let’s get to work. There’s a new land to discover, and the only way to find it is to keep going—cliffs, cash flow, agony, adulation, and all. If you keep your mouth shut and your eyes wide open, we’ll get there sooner. We’re doing this. We’re doing this because we want to. Because this is what it means to do life.”

And then watch what Scaredy Cat does. She’ll look perplexed for a minute. She’ll nuzzle up, as if to say thank you. And then she’ll strut down the street to help you recruit some new business.

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