10 Tips Businesses Can Learn from Super Hero’s

#1. Super Heroes Never Give Up - Batman

Like Batman you have to keep pressing on to the very last breath. Challenges are overcome wholeheartedly committing to unrelenting persistence. Batman does not have a single super power put he is super human in that he never gives up. Batman is known for his strong mind and persistence.

#2. Super Heroes Always Get the Job Done - Spiderman

There are no excuses if you don’t save the girl from the burning house there are just results, not reason. You either save the day or you don’t. There are no gray areas or almost, you did or you didn’t.

#3. Super Heroes are the Best at What They Do - Flash

Are you the best at what you do?

Super heroes are focused on their unique talents. Flash is the fastest and we all know it. If you are the back-end developer you are the best developer in your field and everyone on your team knows it. Let great talent excel in areas where their super powers are most needed.

If you hire someone you hire the best because they are the best. Strive to be the best at what you do.

#4. Super Heroes are Crystal Clear on their Purpose – Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel may be a cheese ball, but he knows what he stands for. Businesses die when they are not clear on their mission. Captain Marvel is crystal clear of purpose.

#5. Super Heroes are Not Flawless – Dr. Doom

You will have flaws, superheroes will have flaws, everyone you hire will have flaws, everyone on your team will have flaws. The goal is not perfection; the goal is pursuit of it. You will have mistakes along the way.

#6. Super Heroes Don’t Seek the Glory - Hulk

They don’t seek the glory but they will get it anyway. Don’t do it because you want attraction. If you do it right you will get it anyway.

#7. Superheroes Help Others – Wonder Woman

Superhero’s help people by solving problems. Businesses should be obsessed not with themselves, but how they are going to help other people and solve their issues.

Ask How may people can I help?

#8. Superheroes are Good by Themselves but are More Powerful in Teams - Team

You always have each other’s back. I’s you vs. the world and bringing together your own team of super heroes and the mutual respect, loyalty, and camaraderie of that team is vital.

You can always do better because of the team you build and your character.

#9. Superheroes True Strength Comes from Their Character - Superman

Your true talent shines through your character, honorable, selfless, help others, courage

No matter how super you think you are, you’re strength comes from your character not your talent. Be courageous, be respectful be honorable and be selfless.

#10. Super Heroes Accomplish Huge Feats – Legion of Super Heroes

The same effort it takes to start a lemonade stand or a college club is the same raw effort it takes to change grow a thriving business or change the world. Your goal is not to build a product or get traffic. Your goal is to accomplish the most amazing feat imaginable.

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